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Nine-time reigning Mr India champion as well as the first Indian to win the Mr Asia title, Mr Universe title Suhas Khamkar plans to take the world of bodybuilding by storm. He started off as a bicycle repair man, but he has now risen to such a position that he is considering taking up politics and acting in Bollywood. Currently working with Central Government as Deputy collector in Panvel New Mumbai.

Coming from a humble background in Kolhapur, Khamkar was spotted by a sponsor who turned his life around, allowing him the opportunity to become India’s most successful bodybuilder.

My dad was a wrestler and my dad’s dad was also a wrestler, all my family play sport and my big brother is also a bodybuilder, but not a professional. As a boy I was very thin and I was not so much into bodybuilding. I just started going to the gym to build up a bit of body strength and there was this gym competition going on at the time.

The competition was just for guys in the gym so I participated in it and I got third place. About 20-25 days later there was a district-level competition and me and my friend decided to participate and again I got third place. I was very happy and I was impressing people – it inspired me to think that I could do it. I was only 15-years-old. After one year of working out, I just kept on getting bigger and I decided I wanted to go into bodybuilding as a profession.

Before this I was working for the railways for seven or eight years as a ticket collector, and I won five gold medals in the All India Railways competition, before winning Mr India and then the Mr Asia title in Bahrain. Then I got third position in Mr World and at Mr Olympia I was a runner up. Read more...

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